Ozone House

Tucked away in what is otherwise suburban Freshwater, the clients for this project owned a fantastic, heavily vegetated battleaxe block that is home to a number of mature angophora and exposed sandstone rock shelves. The new house is built on the footings of the previous cottage and sits above the earth wherever it overhangs the footprint of the old.

The house steps in and out amongst the existing trees on the site so that they could be retained. The two ends of the house are linked with a central bridging kitchen and dining room which steps in to the South to avoid a significant and beautiful angophora as well as to the North to provide the main central deck.

The house engages with the landscape on all sides. It works efficiently with the climate to avoid the need for air conditioning, and by reusing all its roof water in the house.

The owner describes her first night there as 'the best camping experience' she’s ever had.

Builder : Graybuilt 

Engineer: SDA
Photographs : Simon Whitbread 

Awards || Publications

2014 AIA NSW Architecture Award - Residential Architecture

MBA - 2014 Excellence in Housing | Graybuilt

Houses Magazine - Issue 94

Architecture AU - 2014

The Sun-Herald - January 2013

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