2 Corner House 

A coastal house, solidly anchored to the shaley ground, but reaching East to catch a glimpse of the breaking waves and dunes in the corner of the beach. 

Two offset pavilions create a variety of outdoor rooms around the house and modes of engagement with light and view

The Northern pavilion sits back in the hillside and allows key outdoor spaces on the beach side . 

The Southern pavilion slides forward to give a sense of vertigo looking down on the beach, and creating shelter for the rooms to the North. 

Environmentally, this house is able to draw on abundant natural light and cooling sea breezes. Concrete slab floors on all levels provide physical and thermal stability All windows are hardwood framed low-E double glazed (Argon filled). Roof water is all re-used on site. Power is supplemented by a 4.5kW PV system. Hydronic in slab heating, acoustic timber ceilings, and rooftop gardens moderate the internal environment.

Builder : Graybuilt        Engineer: SDA

Landscape Architecture : Sprout Studio

Photographs : Barton Taylor // Simon Whitbread // Matt Elkan

Awards || Publications

MBA 2015 Excellence in Housing, Energy Efficiency Housing | Graybuilt

SMH Domain - October, 2013

Lighthome.com.au - Green Design, 2013

Pittwater Life - October 2016

The Sun-Herald - October 2013

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