2 + 2 House

The 2+2 house is a particular response to the needs of the clients and the site conditions.

It is a house for refuge, reading and writing. It can be set up to accommodate a variety of family permutations. It provides shelter from the sometimes brutal coastal conditions, and privacy from streets and neighbours on all sides.

The house is broken into two distinct pavilions, linked by a two storey glazed bridge with private courtyards on both sides. One pavilion is heavy, with a green roof and set into the ground. The other pavilion is light, open and engages with the sky. One dry courtyard is for gathering in the light. The other wet courtyard houses a pond, and is adjacent to the bathing and washing rooms.

In addition to refuge the house also seeks to engage with the incredible views over the beach and ocean to the East. The central axis spine terminates on a platform pushed out into the view and located to survey the winter humpback migration.

This house is about versatility and flexibility. It can change according to the occupants, the weather and the time of year, while also acknowledging the timeless aspects of the place in which it sits.

Project Team : Matt Elkan, Daina Cunningham

Builder : Graybuilt       Engineer : SDA       Hydraulics :    NB Engineers

Photographs : Simon Whitbread

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