3 + 3 House

The 3+3 House takes its name from the three separate parts of the dwelling spaced evenly down the long narrow site and punctuated by three equally important outdoor courtyard spaces. 

The project comprises a rear addition and internal renovations to a 1920s cottage in Mosman. Despite the modest scale of the house, there is a great density, lightness, and generosity, which belies its physical dimensions. 

The project’s most noteworthy aspect is its integration of architecture and landscape; the entire small suburban site has become part of the living space with all internal and external spaces borrowing from those adjacent and generally fulfilling more than one function.

Landscape provides the necessary relief and separation for the entire dwelling to function. This project represents a shift in how a small suburban site may be conceptualised.

Engineer : SDA

Photographs : Simon Whitbread

Awards || Publications

2015 AIA NSW SPUN 'Residential Grand Award'

2015 AIA NSW SPUN 'Integration - Architecture and Landscape'

Houses Kitchens + Bathrooms Magazine -  Issue 10

Sanctuary Magazine - Issue 30

House & Garden - August 2015

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